Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association


​​​The Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association leadership is 100% volunteer with limited time and resources.  For this reason, we encourage parents and friends to volunteer their time to organize events, participate in the social activities, mentor other parents/self-advocates, to prepare support group meetings, etc. If YOU have a great idea for an activity that you feel would be beneficial for the group, let us know!  You are personally and cordially INVITED to discuss the idea with Patie Taylor (contact her by clicking here) and then putting together a team to make it happen.

The WVDSA has a great infrastructure for tax deductible fundraising.  If you have specific ideas about something you would like to do in your own local community, perhaps there is a way to work together to make it happen.  The greatest thing that we can do is support one another while we do all we can to help our children and friends who have Down syndrome.  Thank you for being a part of The WVDSA and for helping make it a great place for collaboration, support and friendship!

                                                                            Thank You!