Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association

Having your newborn child diagnosed with Down syndrome may feel overwhelming.  Hopefully, this website will help answer some of the many questions you may have as new parents; however, there is no substitute for meeting other parents who have also experienced many similar emotions.  Come join with us!

The WVDSA has a "new parent packet" to give you.  Please contact Patie Taylor to make arrangements to receive your free gift(s).  

In addition, we would love to meet you, your family and your child who has Down syndrome!  Sharing love, care, hope and hugs is seriously important as you navigate this new path.  Your baby and your experiences will certainly be unique to you; however, other parents can share insights and ideas to help you in very practical ways.

New Parents of a child with Down syndrome 

Mike & Laurie Moore would sincerely like to visit you at your home to extend a warm welcome to the Down syndrome community in our area.  They promise to not impose or overwhelm you.  Rather, they are committed to listening and loving you to assess how they can help if/when necessary.  Mike & Laurie are the parents to 4 children.  Megan (27), has Down syndrome and she is their 2nd oldest.  If you are reading this web page, please contact us right away in the way that is most convenient for you:

            Call or Text:       Mike at (541) 752-5555               OR     Laurie at (541) 758-5555

            Email:                Mike at nbimike@comcast.net    OR     Laurie at lauriecmoore@comcast.net