Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association

World Down syndrome day 2020


Date:         March 21, 2020

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day, please submit pictures of your children, friends and family.

Welcome to The WVDSA!

Welcome to the Willamette Valley Down Syndrome Association's official website!  Our goal is to provide support for individuals and families impacted by Down syndrome in Oregon's Willamette Valley and surrounding areas. We hope that you find answers, love, and assistance whether you are new parents, a self-advocate, a family member or friend of a child (or adult :-) with Down syndrome.  These individuals are inspiring!



Megan Moore is a strong self-advocate who inspired the original foundation of The WVDSA.  Now an adult, Megan enjoys living a fulfilling & independent life in her own home. 

To submit a "Spotlight" for your child or friend, please click here.        

Invitation: Submit PHotos & Comments


We would LOVE to hear from you!  For instructions on how to submit photos or comments that you would like to share with members of The WVDSA click here.